“Do what you do best – BETTER!”  with Zoka Training®
Mind/Voice/Body in sync.

– Are you in the media spotlight?
– Preparing to be a speaker – panelist – negotiator?
– A woman leaning in?
– A business development or sales revenue generator?
– An executive in transition needing interviewing skills?

“Thanks in large part due to Larry Blumsack I recently received a standing ovation for my keynote presentation for a company I founded several years ago. As the former CEO of the company, I was invited back to speak at the annual meeting of the board, executives and franchisees. I considered myself a very good speaker. Larry coached me on how to take my speaking to a higher level, and more importantly how to immediately emotionally connect with my audience. He’s a great coach.”
–Joanna Meiseles – Founder and former CEO of Snip-its

Larry’s whole-body presentation skills will be customized to your specific needs and style to quickly and effectively provide you with the essential mind, body and voice attributes to be confident, personable, and effective.

Benefits of Coaching Customized to Your Specific Needs and Style.

Deliver effective, informative presentations to be understood.

Learn to:

  • Differentiate yourself from your rivals.
  • Grab your listener’s attention in the first 30 seconds.
  • Define your objectives, key message, content and material, and whole-body deliver style.
  • Incorporate the rhetorical speaking techniques of world class presenters.
  • Utilize body positions and movements that connect you with your audience.
  • Develop and enhance your vocal techniques to command attention, create interest and persuade others.
  • Improvisation techniques critical to be successfully agile and facile when faced with unexpected situations.
  • Improvisation techniques to build and foster collaboration.
  • Be mindful and be fully present in the moment with no mental multi-tasking, no agenda and with a purpose.

Successfully incorporate multi-media into your presentation to create a more effective learning experience for your audience.

Learn to:

  • Recognize that your old ways don’t work anymore in our digital world of social media.
  • Change your PowerPointless into powerful imagery.
  • Capture and hold audience attention with video, music, photographs, cartoons and animation in place of PowerPointless text.

In order to be understood you need to understand the needs of others.

Learn to:

        • Listen to hear and not to defend.

Emotion is the fast track to the brain and storytelling is the express train to success. Great stories aren’t just told they’re experienced.

Learn how to:

                  • Engage and activate the listener for greater attention of information. Stories are how we remember things.
                  • Replace PowerPointless feature/function presentations with stories to make the emotional connection for a win/win.
                  • Overcome the digital deluge of facts and information.
                  • Your audience will connect with you when they can visualize all aspects of the story and can place themselves in it.

Who is running your life? Your Champion? Your Critic? Your Brat?

Learn how to:

                        • Bring your champion personality to the surface as Larry Blumsack shows you how to subdue your self-critic and brat personalities.