Find and Power Your Authentic Voice – Lesson 3 – Pitch Exercise

Work that Pitch

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A sure way to keep your audience engaged is to expand your vocal range using a pitch exercise. Humming is a simple way to expand your vocal pitch range. This is especially critical if you communicate with a monotone. A dull monotonous voice is a sure way of neither reaching nor captivating an audience of one or one thousand. In my prior blog I pointed out that the human voice is capable of 36 pitches with each pitch being a consecutive black or white key on the piano. If you’re like most speakers you are probably lucky if you use three or four pitches — boring!

Humming is a great exercise for expanding your pitch range. There are several techniques for humming. Let’s focus on the simplest technique for this exercise. Open your mouth take a deep breath and slowly close your mouth but don’t let your teeth touch. Now make the humming sound. What some of you may ask is the humming sound? Think of a buzzing bee.

Pitch exercise - hum like a bee

Start with a deep breath in. During the exhale while you are humming or buzzing like a bee go up and down a musical scale you’re comfortable with.

During this humming exercise hum and lift your head up. Hum to the head voice and then slowly drop your chin as you hum down to the chest voice. Reverse the direction and continue up and down until you need another breath. Practicing the humming exercise together with the vowel exercises in Lesson 2 will set you on the path to engaging your audiences when you speak.

Pitch Exercise

Here is a handy 2 minute audio humming tutorial.


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