Women respond to Larry's Program

Public Speaking Skills for Women - Boston

"Larry coached me on how to take my speaking to a higher level, and more importantly how to immediately emotionally connect with my audience. Larry also trained me in vocal technique and the use of body movement. I learned how to expand my vocal range in concert with expressive body language for maximum effect. He's a great coach."
—Joanna Meiseles, Founder and former CEO of Snip-its

"Larry Blumsack’s ‘The Five Habits for a Competitive Edge’ —left my team of 30plus senior professionals and Partners energized with creative approaches to stand out when selling professional services. His unique training approach even shook a few skeptics on my team out of their comfort zone.” 
Janice DiPietro, National Managing Partner Consulting Services,Tatum, LLC

Larry coached me to take my speaking and teaching to the next level - a goal that is very hard to achieve alone. Larry taught me how to emotionally connect with any audience using his storytelling and vocal techniques. His coaching has proven invaluable." 
—Heidi Neck, PHD, Jeffry A. Timmons Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, Babson College

"Larry ran a two hour business development workshop for our women lawyers. His unique approach got everyone talking and his insight was valuable to all of us in the room, regardless of seniority. Participants rated the program very highly.”
—Carol G. Wolff, Attorney at Law, Sullivan & Worcester

"Larry Blumsack teaches presentation skills with a different approach – a "whole-body” approach. And teach he does! For our technologically driven entrepreneur audience, accustomed to focusing on the content of their presentations, his lessons in delivery were really helpful. I put his lessons to work the very next day."
 —Martha C. Farmer, PhD, President and CEO, North Shore InnoVentures

"Larry takes a creative and energizing approach to awakening people to creative capacities they didn’t know they had.  …And what fun!”
—Suzanne Wilkins, Director of Program Services, The Partnership, Inc.

"I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly to train or speak to women who are looking to communicate more successfully. Larry Blumsack spoke at SNEEF’s Holiday Networking event and you could have heard a pin drop. He spoke to us about how to improve communication / presentation skills.”
—Melinda Ailes, Regional Director at MA Small Business Development Center

"Larry took the initiative prior to our Women's Initiative program to research the audience's goals and needs and any challenges they might face. As a result, participants left the interactive, engaging and thought-provoking presentation armed with new ideas about and approaches to developing business.” 
—Heather V. Edes, Director of Professional Development, Sullivan & Worcester

"Larry Blumsack's Art of the Pitch for Toastmasters at the CIC Venture Cafe changed the way I market myself and my company. Larry turned my vision into a succinct message, which significantly improved close rate. I now understand how to have an immediate impact on my audience.”
—Jannelle Richardson, Founder, PPC , VP of PR and Special Events- Toastmasters"

"Larry immediately captured our attention and kept it throughout the entire seminar. Through using real life examples, he made it easy to understand how making simple changes can truly impact the way in which you present yourself and your ideas to others. We wished that we had even more time with him!”
Denise Griffin – Chair, Women in Engineering IEEE, Boston

"I recently had the opportunity to participate in Larry Blumsack's business development seminar for women lawyers. I would not hesitate to recommend his program to women lawyers at all experience levels." 
—Amy A. Zuccarello, Attorney at Law

"I thought it was really masterful on how Larry was able to put so much into that 45 min, and got so much out of such a short period of time. And he made it fun and understandable and unforgettable. We walked away with unforgettable and valuable information on how to really relate to people."
—Katherine White, Managing Partner, White-Hart Balanced Business Capital.

"I thought Larry did a fabulous job of not only presenting great information very concisely but  did it in the most engaging way. Anyone can get quite a bit out of his presentations."
—Janey Bishoff CEO of Bishoff Communications

"If you want to learn how to connect with people and present material in a dynamic, engaging, thoughtful and entertaining way, Larry's a go-to guy. Yes, you'll also see the benefits of bringing the 'low tech' tools of mind, body, voice and spirit into the mix."
—Priscilla March, Career Services, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

"Larry Blumsack ran a face-to-face communications workshop for our Summer Venture Program. It was amazing. He was dynamic and engaging. And the group was thoroughly involved and really came away with some great takeaways.”
—Cindy Klein Marmer, Manager Entrepreneur Development, Babson College

"I really enjoyed your presentation for the Womens Group of the Downtown Boston College Club. Watching you embody the techniques you encouraged us to employ in our presentations was great fun. As a certified Dale Carnegie instructor you were able to provide an even wider prospective on speaking.
—Jane Abu, Andrew Abu Inc., Realtors

"Larry Blumsack's training program for women attorneys was energizing, informative and humorous all at the same time. The two hour session flew by. Larry left us with simple ingredients to help us think creatively, speak descriptively and actively listen to others." 
—Jeanne P. Darcey, Attorney At Law

"Larry is a terrific individual who has that unique capability to connect the dots when the dots are not visible to many others, and provide just the help necessary to lay the next rail on the track for success." 
—Louise MacDonald, CEO, Sanostec Corp

"Larry was one of the best presenters we (Entrepreneurs' Organization) have had in a while. He really did a great job. He had an objective and a fun way of getting us to meet that objective - thinking more creatively.”
—Tori Stuart, President/Founder Zoe Foods

"Larry's tool box is chock full of easy-to-use tools and technique that will help leaders and teams apply critical "whole-body" thinking and truly creative problem solving to tackle today's challenges. Bravo Larry!” 
—Betsey Dalbeck, Owner/President, Fresh Tracks, Inc.,

Men respond to Larry's program

British Airways Workshop Testimonials Global Entrepreneurs Conference NYC

"Master ‘storyseller’ Larry Blumsack delivers powerful insights that will help every professional go beyond casual online connection to authentic business relationships."—Gary A. LaBranche, CEO, Association for Corporate Growth®

"Blumsack has done a masterful job uniquely illustrating how to put your best socialFACE on."
Jeff Taylor, Founder, Monster.com

B.E.T.A.(Babson Entrepreneur Thought & Action) 2012 Challenge Testimonials from the Undergrad & Grad Entrepreneur Finalists

"Larry is a dynamic communication coach. In my sessions with him, he brought structure and success to my presentations. I have experienced the transformation in me from mastering the arts of "mindfulness," voice inflections, use of body, storytelling, and delivering an important personal message."
—John Holiver, CEO, CharterCARE Health Providers  

"Larry was the keynote speaker at our quarterly management meeting consisting of the top 40 executives and managers in our company — usually a pretty tough audience. Larry's talk was one of the most highly rated we've had. The group felt that his remarks were entertaining, relevant, and thought provoking."
—Jeff Templer, CFO, Seahorse Bioscience

"Larry Blumsack in a short time he made a meaningful, positive impact on how we interact and project ourselves with clients. The results of Larry's work have served as one of the catalysts of our firm's growth." 
—Michael Mingolelli, Jr., CEO The Pinnacle Financial Group

XPX Annual Summit Testimonials

"Blown away' was how attendees summed up their experience at Larry Blumsack’s 'Face–to–Face" workshop.  Clearly, Larry drove in a home run with his stories, analogies, and anecdotes striking directly at the heart of what is so wrong and so lacking in today’s communication trends so heavily based on the Internet and related electronic media."
—Wil Carpenter, VP, Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce

"I hired Zoka in 2006 and have kept current with Larry's new thinking and engagements since. Through a multi-day, experience-based program, Larry energized our group and set the foundation for creative team- based problem resolution. The foundation set also created the tools for many subsequent revenue generating projects"
—Tony Pucillo, Managing Director/Partner Corinthian Capital Group

"We  encourage US entrepreneurs and small business owners to read his book "Face to Face is the  ultimate social media." They stand to profit greatly from Larry’s wisdom and advice. British Airways understands in person meetings are crucial for businesses looking to expand."
— Simon Talling-Smith, Executive VP, Americas, British Airways

"Larry has been an invaluable resource for ventures that are working their way through IDEA, Northeastern University's student-run venture accelerator. Larry helps them understand how they should present their story so that they stimulate interest and get investors to want to learn more
.—Dan Gregory, Co-Director NU Center for Entrepreneurship

"Larry Blumsack brought a refreshing energy to our training program. The message our team received was concise and something they could easily put into practice the very next day at both work and in their personal lives. Larry's passionate application of his craft makes his presentation one not to miss." 
—Terry Shepherd, Founder/Managing Partner, Shepherd & Goldstein, LLP - CPA Firm

"The breath of Larry’s experience belies the diversity of his skills and the extent of the value he can provide to an organization. With Xelus he helped us with market messaging and positioning, client executive presentations and sales training all with great results."
—Ed Wodarski, VP Strategy, Xelus

"I got a lot out of Larry's interactive  British Airways presentation myself because he really brought home the message about the physical face-to-face necessity for people to get together. I wish we had more time to enjoy Larry because he is a great personality."
John Lampl, VP of Corporate Communications, Americas, British Airways.

"Larry’s one of the fastest thinking, problem solving, marketing gurus I’ve ever encountered. He’s been a longtime marketing and business development coach to me and I credit much of my success in business development to him." 
Andrew Fligor, Managing Partner of the Barish Fund

"In just one session with Larry Blumsack he imparted extraordinary wisdom about melding the right and left brain for optimum sales and business development results. I would not hesitate to retain his services!" 
—Paul Serotkin, Minuteman Ventures, Inc.

"Larry gave us a forty minute sample of his ‘Dream the Impossible and Dare to Stand Out,’ presentation. Larry was articulate, engaging, and informative and I came away from the presentation thinking about some of the situations that I run across in my own life in a whole new light."
—Justin Merola, CRPS®

"Larry knows how to open doors and reach decision makers. Larry works with endless energy and creativity, and has a unique ability to develop and implement effective sales and marketing tactics that will benefit most businesses."
—Mike Maak, Managing Director of Northeast Business Advisors

"I’ve never met anyone or heard of anyone better than Larry Blumsack in setting meetings with C level executives of Fortune 1000 companies. Thanks to Larry we were meeting with corporate executives at companies like IBM, Ford, Boeing, GE and another 76 major companies. He is a superb facilitator and trainer."
 —Michael Heflin, COO Xelus

"Larry’s formula of ‘Imagination + Knowledge = Innovation,’ really states who he is. I would add that ‘Creative Thinking + Wisdom = Added Value’  is an equally accurate way to define him."
—Neil Gordon, President, N.R. Gordon & Company, Inc.

"Larry’s coaching on your personal presence and communication style will open your eyes to your capabilities and unfound confidence in both your personal and business endeavors.   His combination of pitching skills, storytelling, speech dynamics, and emotional awareness brings new insights and skills you need in your everyday business life."
—Marty Petraitis, Vice President Sales

"Larry re-energized and motivated our high-end executive sales team with his innovative tools and techniques for critical thinking and "out-of-the-box" creative problem solving." 
—Chris Copley, VP Sales M Squared