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85% of your professional success is based on your communication skills.

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Since you are contemplating this offer, I can tell you are a leader, or on your way to becoming a leader. You are a person I would love to work with. You realize the ability to convince your peers, team, board of directors, prospects and others takes more than fact/information and feature/function. We will take 20 minutes and drill down to identify a key communication skill you need to improve. You’ll get tips and techniques to assist you in leveling the playing field. Learn how to inform, illuminate and inspire through Zoka Training®. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll talk about coaching options to determine what works best for you.

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Free 20-Minute Coaching Session

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    "In my first meeting with Larry I said 'I believe I am a good presenter, however, I want to be better!' Larry coached me to take my speaking and teaching to the next level - a goal that is very hard to achieve alone. Larry taught me how to emotionally connect with any audience using his storytelling and vocal techniques. His coaching has proven invaluable."

    Heidi Neck, PHD,
    Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies,
    Babson College