“Do what you do best – BETTER!”  with Zoka Training®
Mind/Voice/Body in sync.

– What is your ability to build trust and respect in a presentation or meeting?
– What do you do to create an emotional connection between you and your audience?
– What can “Yes and…” and improvisation techniques do to build collaboration for your organization?
– What differentiates your product or service In today’s highly competitive, commoditized global marketplace? – YOU!

In a competitive environment, facts and information have minimal impact in an initial presentation.

“IEEE – WIE (Women In Engineering) Boston really appreciated the time Larry spent with us. Larry immediately captured our attention and kept it throughout the entire seminar. Through using real life examples, he made it easy to understand how making simple changes can truly impact the way in which you present yourself and your ideas to others. The variety in his career background makes it easy for him to relate to so many different types of people. The material he presented was extremely interesting and useful, and we wished that we had even more time with him!”
Denise Griffin – IEEE Boston WIE

Topics, which can be customized to your organization’s situation include:

Emotion is the fast track to the brain and storytelling is the express train to get you there. Great stories aren’t just told they are experienced.

Learn how to:

            • Engage and activate the listener for greater attention of information. Stories are how we remember things.
            • Replace PowerPointless feature/function with metaphorical stories to make the emotional connection that gets you a win/win.
            • Overcome the digital deluge of facts and information and our exponentially decreasing ability to absorb them.
            • Your audience will connect with you when they can visualize in their mind all aspects of the story you are telling and can place themselves in the story.

Best practices communication skills—Mind/Body/Voice/Media

Learn how to:

                • Develop and enhance your vocal techniques to command attention, create interest and persuade others.
                • Utilize body positions and movements that connect you with your audience.
                • Improvisation techniques to handle unexpected, unforseen challenges.
                • Effectively use media to engage your audience.
                • Use your voice effectively for the win/win when you can’t meet face to face.
                • Incorporate The Five Steps for a Win/Win.

The 3Cs, Creative – Communicator – Collaborator are the keys to great leadership and high-performance.

Learn how to:

                    • Use creative thinking to step out of your comfort zone and turn potential into a tangible success. Create a culture and process that allows everyone to have original ideas that are valued.
                    • Utilize whole-body communication to achieve your communication goals faster and more effectively.
                    • “Yes and…” and improvisation techniques to build collaboration for your organization.
                    • Utilize “Yes and…” as the effective tool for professional and personal collaboration success.

The Five Steps for a Win/Win Face-To-Face or How to Gain a Professional and Personal Edge.

Learn how to:

        • Be fully present in the moment with no mental multitasking, no agenda and with a purpose.
        • Look and see – use your eyes like a zoom lens. Pan and zoom in while you take in the whole scene before you jump to any conclusions.
        • Listen and hear – Pan and zoom in while you listen to what is being said before you jump to any conclusions.
        • Yes and – Accept what you’re given. Acknowledge it. Make the other person look good. And do it for the greater good of the whole. Yes and… – The key to successful collaboration.
        • Use storytelling as the emotional building block to establish trust and respect.