“Do what you do best – BETTER!”  with Zoka Training®
Mind/Voice/Body in sync.

–  High-impact topics
–  Content rich
–  Experiential
–  Entertaining

Larry is available for keynote presentations and panel discussions. His entertaining and interactive presentations draw on humor, storytelling and arts-based activities, engaging the audience with techniques that guarantee immediate results.

“I really enjoyed your presentation last night for the Womens Group of the Downtown Boston College Club. Watching you embody the techniques you encouraged us to employ in our presentations was great fun. As a certified Dale Carnegie instructor and an alumni member of BC’s My Mother’s Fleabag (an improve group), you were able to provide an even wider prospective on speaking. Thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you bring to the subject, I appreciate coming away with more ways to improve my speaking ability and I look forward to reading your book.”
–Jane Abu

Topics, which can be customized to your organization’s situation, include:

The 3 Rs for Success


Face-to-Face Skills for a Competitive Edge

        • Practical proven techniques for standing out in your commoditized market.

Pitch to win investors

        • Master the blend of mind, voice, body, and media for to effectively present the value proposition.

Overcoming PowerPointless

        • Techniques for integrating the use of effective relevant media in your presentation that captivates your audience.

Storytelling for a Business Development, Sales Win/Win

                            • How to harness the power of storytelling to make an emotional connection with a prospect, client or colleague.

Whole-Body Communication Solutions

            • How to use your mind, voice, and body and media as one to engage, motivate and influence your audience – prospects, clients or colleagues.

Success by Voice Alone

                • Develop your voice for success when you can’t meet face to face.

21st Century Survival Skills for Business Development and Sales

                    • What works when facts and information don’t.

Dream the Impossible and Dare to Stand out

                        • Develop the tools and confidence to creatively step out of your comfort zone.

Who is running your life? Your Champion? Your Critic? Your Brat?

                                • How to subdue your self-critic and brat personalities to bring your champion personality to the surface.

Upside/Down Thinking – Creative Capital

                                    • Build creative capital by thinking outside your preferred styles; focusing on exploring ideas rather than identifying problems.

Innovative and Creative Cultures for Business Success

                                      • Gain the tools and techniques necessary to awaken, rekindle and promote individual creativity and collaboration in the workplace. Create a culture where everyone’s original ideas are valued.