Are Selling and Pitching The Same?

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We’ve gone from selling to pitching. Is there a difference? And if there is a difference, what is it?

There is an endless list of definitions for selling or to sell. There is an endless list of definitions for pitching or to pitch. Considering that the exploding entrepreneurial world is presently focused on pitching — not sales — let’s look at a few distinctions of each.

Pitch — from an investor perspective it means “any of various thick, dark, sticky substances (entrepreneurs).” It also means pitch means contribute money.

From the entrepreneurs perspective the emphasis is to throw somebody/something with force and to aim or direct a product or service at a particular group of people. It is a set of activities intended to persuade someone to buy a product or take a specific course of action.
Pitch means contribute money.

Sell — traditionally is the transfer of ownership of a title to property from one person to another for a price. Selling is a process of persuasion to get a prospect to take action. “Selling means any of various thick, dark, sticky substances.” Selling means contribute (hustling) money.

Today the art of selling has been reduced to the “art” of pitching.

There’s a rocket pitch. The elevator pitch. The one minute pitch. The five-minute pitch and the 20 minute VC pitch. Legions of entrepreneurs of all ages armed with PowerPointless are swarming all over family, friends, – investors of all types. Pitching, pitching, pitching. Selling, selling, selling.

Now, the good news about pitching in our digital age is that in almost all cases it requires in-person, face-to-face activity. The bad news is that in–person, face-to-face activity is alien to those growing up or who grew up in the digital social media world. These generations are more experienced at pitching with their thumbs than with their mouths.

So the difference between selling and pitching? There’s no difference for me — there are four skills you need to conquer. The use of mind – voice – body – media. It’s what I call the “whole body” presentation. Dump PowerPointless. Yes! drop power pointless! (Remember bullets kill). 65% of an investor’s decision is based on you the person, not the product or service you are pitching/selling.

So how do you stand out “whole body” in a pitch/sell situation? Contact me for the steps.

Blumsack Brown BackgroundAs a coach, trainer and consultant, Larry Blumsack partners with people and organizations on the move and those already there to accelerate their communication, presentation and speaking skills to be on par with their ambition. Through one-on-one coaching and group training Larry helps leaders and aspiring leaders elevate their presence and communication skills to influence more people, sell more products-services-ideas and inspire others more successfully than they ever imagined.

Larry is the bestselling author of Face-to-Face is The Ultimate Social Media and founder of Zoka Institute and Zoka Training®. Zoka Training® — Mind/Voice/Body/Mindfulness in sync — is the result of Larry’s 45 years as a coach, acting teacher, actor, voice-over artist, theater and TV director/producer, radio & TV commentator and show host, speaker, trainer, serial entrepreneur, and syndicated columnist. Larry was a founding member of the theater department at Northeastern University.

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