The digital world of social media and Internet dramatically improves the speed and capability to reach out and connect with others. Today, the power to initially connect professionally or personally with someone is reduced to a mouse click. The press of a key on a keyboard or keypad.

But then what?

This book is for those interested in making the emotional connection necessary to foster and build strong, lasting relationships. People motivated to acquire or improve their skills to communicate effectively and successfully Face-to-Face in sales, in the workplace and in their lives.

Let’s face it, business is done better Face-to-Face—when you know how.

Personal and work worlds are merging and are increasingly virtual and mobile, resulting in dramatically reduced opportunities and frequency for Face-to-Face interaction.

X and Y generations grew up on computer technology. They think, work and act visually, digitally and virtually. Today, greater challenges confront the development of social skills and Face-to-Face communications skills of the next generation.

Adults give children as young as 18 months old smart phones, Kindles, iPads to foster accelerated self-learning skills. Parents get real, college doesn’t begin in the crib.

Kindergarten to 8th grade, Online, virtual schools are breeding a new generation of children across the U.S. who will lose even more valuable Face-to-Face contact and social-skill development during early education. We are raising cyberspace kids wired to think even more digitally and virtually than Gen X and Y.

Face-to-Face skills cannot be replaced digitally. In spite of the continuing innovative technology driven paradigm shifts in business and personal cultures. Face-to-Face skills are the keys to emotionally and effectively connect with prospects. With anyone.

The first-person storytelling structure of this book is designed to place you in the shoes of the Seeker. To introduce you to the step-by-step habits necessary to be successful at StorySelling. StorySelling—the emotional speedway to the brain.

StorySelling paints a picture with words that an audience can visualize, internalize and connect with. People learn and retain far more when they can imagine in—their mind’s eye—what is being presented.

The Seeker storytells each section of the book using descriptive, first-person narrative to help you to visualize in your mind’s eye each of the encounters; show you the power of StorySelling; provide you with the tools to capture your audience’s attention; and give you the Face-to-Face skills to captivate and connect emotionally with your listeners. To get the sale. To stand out in a highly commoditized, highly competitive marketplace.

“The Five Habits for Professional and Personal Success” in this book are based on my hands-on experiences over 45 successful years of training thousands of sales and business development professionals and others. “The Five Habits” are the foundation of Zoka Training® and my ongoing presentations, workshops, and mentoring programs. They are the mojo, the best-practices formula on how to stand out from the crowds. How to step out of your comfort zone. How to get the sale. How to win.

The goal of this book is to equip you with the concepts and tools to lead a richer and fuller life. To get to yes. And remember….

When it comes to Face-to-Face,
you possess the most powerful
social media tool of all.

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Copyright© June 2010 by Larry Blumsack