About Zoka Training®

  “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.
The world will have a generation of IDIOTS.” Albert Einstein. 


Achieve your goals faster and more effectively with Zoka Training® by learning to present your product, services or ideas so they are influential, inspiring and fully understood.  Your every thought, word, and action carries your signature.

Master the art of communication – your mind, voice and body in sync – and you will earn the attention, trust and respect of any audience from one to 1000.

  • Larry Blumsack’s Zoka Training® provides you with the tools and techniques to authentically, passionately and persuasively connect face-to-face with others. The only thing more powerful in a big idea is your ability to communicate/sell that idea to others. We are always selling a product, service, or idea.
  • The Creative Mindfulness Platform for Zoka Training® draws on
  • Acting techniques
    Vocal techniques
    Body language skills
    Listening skills
    Storytelling planning and delivery
    Improvisation for collaboration
    Effective PowerPointless
    Content preparation for a specific audience
    and Mindfulness Training
  • This is the platform Larry learned, practiced, developed and  taught others for over 45 years.
  • 85% of your professional success is based on your communication skills according to research by Carnegie Mellon, Pew Research and many others. The data shows the number one leadership quality that organizations look for in an individual is communication skills. Communication skills rank as the number one factor for hiring, promoting, and being listened to, etc.

Larry’s unique and provocative Zoka Training® Whole-Body Communication Program trains you to see opportunities where you thought none existed.

Larry’s program is built on the following frame work.


  • Mindfulness training teaches you how to be fully present, in the moment with a purpose. It is how you keep mind/voice/body and all your senses in sync.
  • Increase your power of observation so you look and really see what is in your entire sphere of vision. An audiences’ body language reveals as much as their words.
  • To listen, to really hear you need to know how to engage your whole body in the process. Listening is a mutual process.
  • Learn the collaborative and connective building powers of improvisation’s “Yes and…” Improvisation techniques are critical for you to be successfully agile and facile when faced with unexpected situations.
  • Storytelling is the super highway to the brain and the tool necessary to make the emotional connection you require to build trust and respect with others.

The ability to transform opportunity into reality takes an advanced skill set in today’s highly digitized, commoditized electronic  global marketplace.  “I don’t know how to do a handshake over the telephone.” Warren Buffet

Larry understands that each person, each organization, is unique and he creates individualized programs to suit those unique circumstances.

“Do what you do best – BETTER!”