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You really do have a competitive edge in the commoditized global marketplace? Picture this. You leave the business development or sales pitch meeting and afterwards the prospects say “I really want to work with that person (you). They all have the same product and service and they can do it equally as well. However, none of the others rang true except the one who just left.”

So, why you?

What you do to stand out is capitalize on your own personal assets and experiences. Put those assets and experiences into an appropriate story to enable you to emotionally connect with the prospect or customer. Learn how to tell that personal story in a business development or sales situation. I call it storySELLING. It has been said by others that emotion is the fast track to the brain. And storySELLING is the express train to make the emotional connection. Let your targets visualize and emotionally connect with the story you are SELLING.

StorySELLING is a very specific learnable technique that incorporates the arts of storytelling, improvisation and acting. StorySELLING is a technique easily adaptable to any personality.

There are two parts to successfully learn and apply any skill set – training and coaching. Training teaches storySELLING and coaching shows you how to personalize storySELLING and apply it. Personal coaching is a key factor for success used by top athletes and a great number of corporate executives – especially CEOs.

Blumsack Brown BackgroundAs a coach, trainer and consultant, Larry Blumsack partners with people and organizations on the move and those already there to accelerate their communication, presentation and speaking skills to be on par with their ambition. Through one-on-one coaching and group training Larry helps leaders and aspiring leaders elevate their presence and communication skills to influence more people, sell more products-services-ideas and inspire others more successfully than they ever imagined.

Larry is the bestselling author of Face-to-Face is The Ultimate Social Media and founder of Zoka Institute and Zoka Training®. Zoka Training® — Mind/Voice/Body/Mindfulness in sync — is the result of Larry’s 45 years as a coach, acting teacher, actor, voice-over artist, theater and TV director/producer, radio & TV commentator and show host, speaker, trainer, serial entrepreneur, and syndicated columnist. Larry was a founding member of the theater department at Northeastern University.

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