Women Should Start Talking and Keep Talking

Two women talking in living room

Women Should Start Talking And Keep Talking. There Are Many Benefits Of Speaking Aloud.

  • Giving sound to ideas can provide you with an objective view of your content.
  • Practicing and recording presenting your ideas with your mind, voice, and body in sync provide you with the ability to shape and reshape your ideas and words.
  • Having a private conversation with your smart phone is a great practice in also learning how to listen mindfully.

Equal expertise in speaking and listening skills are the yin/yang of successful communication. These are all major steps in empowering women to speak up, to become fluent and stay fluent in their area of expertise.

Well over a decade ago management guru Tom Peters wrote “there is little disagreement about what businesses must become: less hierarchal, more flexible and team oriented, faster and more fluid…. One group of people has an enormous advantage in realizing this necessary new vision: women.” Since that time there is sufficient data to suggest that Peter’s predictions are true — both in what businesses need to do and what women can do to help achieve a less hierarchal, more flexible and team-oriented business.

Women need to build their confidence and communication skills by talking shop with other women about the projects, ideas, and deals they’re working on while dramatically minimizing socializing and chatting about their personal lives. Women need to get stronger and more fluent by flexing their domain-expertise muscles. What better way than talking the walk with other women. There is too much value in mindful face-to-face contact.

To brings ideas to a broader gender table and to be game changers women need to speak up. Women need to start talking. Women need to keep talking.

That’s what Zoka Training® is all about.

Blumsack Brown BackgroundAs a coach, trainer and consultant, Larry Blumsack partners with people and organizations on the move and those already there to accelerate their communication, presentation and speaking skills to be on par with their ambition. Through one-on-one coaching and group training Larry helps leaders and aspiring leaders elevate their presence and communication skills to influence more people, sell more products-services-ideas and inspire others more successfully than they ever imagined.

Larry is the bestselling author of Face-to-Face is The Ultimate Social Media and founder of Zoka Institute and Zoka Training®. Zoka Training® — Mind/Voice/Body/Mindfulness in sync — is the result of Larry’s 45 years as a coach, acting teacher, actor, voice-over artist, theater and TV director/producer, radio & TV commentator and show host, speaker, trainer, serial entrepreneur, and syndicated columnist. Larry was a founding member of the theater department at Northeastern University.

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