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“Do what you do best – BETTER!”

Women Respond to Larry’s Program

British Airways Workshop Testimonials
Global Entrepreneurs Conference NYC

B.E.T.A.(Babson Entrepreneur Thought & Action) 2012 Challenge
Testimonials from the Undergrad & Grad Entrepreneur Finalists

“Larry ran a two hour business development workshop for our
women lawyers. His unique approach got everyone talking and his
insight was valuable to all of us in the room,regardless of seniority.
Participants rated the program very highly,and are eager to put
into practice his many concrete suggestions for effective networking.”
—Carol G. Wolff, Attorney at Law, Sullivan & Worcester

XPX Annual Summit Testimonials

“Larry takes a creative and energizing approach to awakening people to creative capacities they didn’t know they had.  …And what fun!”
—Suzanne Wilkins, Director of Program Services, The Partnership, Inc.

“Larry – is a terrific individual who has that unique capability to connect the dots when the dots are not visible to many others, provide just the help necessary to lay the next rail on the track for success. His upcoming book Face-to-Face is The Ultimate Social Media’ is again a reflection of his instinct for perfect timing in a seemingly faceless age.”
—Louise MacDonald, CEO, Sanostec Corp

“I was involved with a portfolio company in need of a fresh look at its positioning and messaging as its product line had evolved and needed a unifying theme. We were looking for a creative effort but wanted quick results that would have short term as well as longer term impact. Larry proved the right resource. He has a rare degree of creativity but is solidly grounded in selling and sales processes.  As is often the case, much of the final content came from existing company personnel, but Larry’s interviews and ‘workshops’ within the company and interviews outside the company were key to getting the ideas flowing and then vetted. It resulted in a decisive confirmation of a critical strategic change in the sales and marketing target. His work was timely and effective.”
—Steve Ricci, Partner Flagship Ventures

“Acting as chair for the quarterly alumni events that are held at Northeastern University, I recently had asked Larry if he would be so kind as to give us a forty minute sample of his ‘Dream the Impossible and Dare to Stand Out,’ presentation. Larry was articulate, engaging, and informative and I came away from the presentation thinking about some of the situations that I run across in my own life in a whole new light. Not only was the material that he discussed interesting and useful, Larry’s presentation style and demeanor was extremely engaging and held my excitement throughout the entire program. I would highly recommend Larry as a great speaker, a great teacher, and as a great person.”
—Justin Merola, CRPS®

“Larry is one of the most creative and resourceful individuals with whom I have had the pleasure to work. The breath of his experience belies the diversity of his skills and the extent of the value he can provide to an organization. With Xelus he helped us with market messaging and positioning, client executive presentations and sales training all with great results.”
—Ed Wodarski, VP Strategy, Xelus

“Larry is an extraordinary sales trainer, business developer, consultant and all round smart business person. I hired Larry to assist with lead generation and he over exceeded all expectations. Larry has consulted with my clients, colleagues and me on sales and business development issues and he always adds tremendous value. He is very creative, likeable, and maintains the highest integrity.”
—Brian Geery, Executive Vice President at Quota, Inc.

“Larry’s formula of ‘Imagination + Knowledge = Innovation,’ really states who he is. I would add that ‘Creative Thinking + Wisdom = Added Value’  is an equally accurate way to define him.”
—Neil Gordon, President, N.R. Gordon & Company, Inc.