Powerful, Innovative, Creative Business Models


Innovate or fall behind

One of the pressures every major business faces today is innovate or fall behind. So how does an organization face the challenge of growing creative capital? So how do they tap the creative potential of their employees? A business’s underrated and untapped creative asset is their human capital.

Studies show that at the end of every day 95% of a company’s most important assets walk out the door. Innovative companies create cultures to make them want to come back the next day. Innovative companies know how to tap an individual’s expertise and creative thinking raw materials. Innovative companies know how to tap their creative capital and turn their ideas into valuable products and services.

Keeping Millenniums Onboard

Innovative companies know how to attract and keep millenniums onboard.

A key component to building an innovative, mindful and creative business models is using arts-based learning as a training tool. Let the arts serve as a complementary vehicle to more traditional approaches. The arts let employees tap their creative capital in a nontraditional and non-intimidating environment.

In part, creating an environment encouraging and supporting whole brain thinking leads to innovation. The left brain and right brain in sync is a powerful thinking machine. It is the analytical, sequential, logical left brain working in sync with the big picture, creative, emotionally responsive, right brain. It is both sides collaborating and working in concert like an orchestra.

There are four arts-based elements to powerful new business thinking to tap the creative potential of your employees. Allow them to see themselves as artists. Allow them to see their work as a work of art. Allow them to see your customers as an audience. And direct them to see your competition as teachers.

There is no one creativity spot in the brain. The left and right brain in sync is the most powerful, creative, innovative business machine.

Child prodigy Adora Svitak says the world needs “childish” thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism. Kids’ big dreams deserve high expectations, she says, starting with grownups’ willingness to learn from children as much as to teach.

Blumsack Brown BackgroundAs a coach, trainer and consultant, Larry Blumsack partners with people and organizations on the move and those already there to accelerate their communication, presentation and speaking skills to be on par with their ambition. Through one-on-one coaching and group training Larry helps leaders and aspiring leaders elevate their presence and communication skills to influence more people, sell more products-services-ideas and inspire others more successfully than they ever imagined.

Larry is the bestselling author of Face-to-Face is The Ultimate Social Media and founder of Zoka Institute and Zoka Training®. Zoka Training® — Mind/Voice/Body/Mindfulness in sync — is the result of Larry’s 45 years as a coach, acting teacher, actor, voice-over artist, theater and TV director/producer, radio & TV commentator and show host, speaker, trainer, serial entrepreneur, and syndicated columnist. Larry was a founding member of the theater department at Northeastern University.

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