Find and Power Your Authentic Voice – Lesson 5 – Resonance

Find your Resonance

Producing a deep, full, clear reverberating sound gives a voice resonance, color and timbre. The resonance sound is rich, focused and relaxed with full vibration.

Picture yourself standing in a huge cathedral with a bell peeling in the tower with the sound vibrating throughout the building – resonating throughout all chambers of the building. Each chamber – depending on its size and shape –  will vibrate with its own distinctive sound of the bell. That sustained sound is resonance.

Now picture your head as your cathedral with many chambers for resonance. There is the nasal chamber: the back of the throat chamber or oral chamber and the pharynx. The pharynx – the most important chamber for resonance, connects the nose and mouth to the esophagus.

vocal cavity

While practicing the pitch humming exercise explained in lesson 3, slowly moving your way head up and way down while humming you should feel vibrations in different cavities of your personal cathedral.

You establish and enhance the color of your voice through your ability to develop and use the various interior cavities sound flows through. Your facial actions are a way to control the shape of your interior vocal tracts to control vocal color.

Resonance is one of the most important and difficult vocal skills to acquire.

When you add resonance to your vocal toolbox of breath, pitch and pace you expand your ability to color your voice to fit the emotional context of the words and phrases you use. That is how you get our audience to resonate with what you saying.

Here is a short how to resonate video.



Practice Practice Practice


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